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Where the unexpected illuminates an icon

An urban oasis in the centre of London. Located in the buzzing heart of the capital, Lucent W1 is set to become one of the city’s most iconic buildings. Step off the streets and discover a world of calm and contemplation, with expansive green zones and flexible work spaces designed to foster a strong sense of community.

Step into the screen. Discover the hidden world that lies behind the globally iconic lights of Lucent W1. View film


Executive Summary

Total– 144,000 sq ft 110,000 sq ft offices 30,000 sq ft retail 3,000 sq ft residential 20 roof terraces

At night

Lucent w1 is a cutting-edge design built with nature at its heart, 110,000 sq ft of offices unfolding around a central atrium that floods all five floors with natural light. It’s a space to think, to innovate and recharge at the intersection of London’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

Culture and Commerce

Where culture and commerce collide

in a rush
in a rush

Meeting of worlds. From the grandeur of St James’s to the hospitality of Soho, the flagships of Regent Street to the galleries of Mayfair – Lucent W1 is where culture and commerce come together.